Readers ask: What Kind Of Fruit Is Available Boa Vista Orchards In Camino California?

Is Boa Vista part of Apple Hill?

2952 Carson Rd. Boa Vista Orchards is a fourth generation family farm in the Apple Hill region of El Dorado County. Specialties include apple turnovers and apple wine.

What Apple Hill Farms are open year round?

Year Round

  • Wofford Acres. “Come for the Wine and Stay for the View!” Wofford Acres Vineyards makes just 1,100 cases each year, sold only through our Sales Room.
  • Boeger Winery.
  • Starfield Vineyards.
  • Silverthorn Meadows.
  • Madrona Vineyards.
  • Lava Cap Winery.
  • Hidden Star Camino.
  • Fenton Herriott Vineyards.

What apples are in season at Apple Hill?


  • Arkansas Black. ​Cameo. Candy Crisp.
  • Empire.
  • Fuji. Gala. Golden Delicious.
  • Granny Smith. HoneyCrisp. JonaGold. ​Jonathan. McIntosh. Mutsu. Pippin.
  • Pink Lady. Red Delicious. Red Rome. Winesap.

Is Apple Hill open in spring?

Apple Hill™ is known for its apple farms and family-friendly activities in the fall. In the spring and summer berry farms and lavender farms open their doors. Wineries are open year round.

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Why is Boa Vista not on Apple Hill map?

Boa Vista has not been a member of the association since 2014 after being ousted by other growers because of alleged disloyalty and improper use of the term Apple Hill. The suit contends that the business should have to relinquish any profits gleaned by linking itself to Apple Hill from then until the present.

How do I get from Boa Vista to Sal?

The most reliable way to travel between the islands is by taking a domestic flight. The distance between Sal and Boa Vista is only around 31 miles (50 kilometers). Since 2019 a ferry runs between the islands. However, air travel is much faster and more reliable.

What is the best time to go to Apple Hill?

September and November weekends are busy, but not like October, and weekdays are great times to visit if you have a flexible schedule. October weekends are like Woodstock, minus the ready access to drugs (and usually the mud). Do yourself a favor and if you need to come on an October weekend come early.

How many farms does Apple Hill have?

Representing over 50 local, family farms, the Apple Hill Growers are dedicated to supporting agriculture in our community. Founded in 1964 with just 16 apple ranches, we’ve now grown to include unique fruit & veggie farms, bakeshops, wineries, B&Bs, flower gardens, and Christmas tree farms.

What is there to do in Apple Hill?

Things to Do in Apple Hill: Wineries, Orchards and Fabulous Fall Fun

  • Bodhaine Ranch.
  • Apple Ridge Farms.
  • Grandpa’s Cellars.
  • Larsen Apple Barn and Bakeshop.
  • Bill’s Apples & Felice’s Dolls.
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What months are apples in season?

Depending on the variety, apples are available from late July through early November. Gala, Macoun and McIntosh ones are ready to go in September, so start stocking up now.

Can dogs go to Apple Hill?

Leashed pets are welcome on most properties, many of which (in season) cater to families with attractions ranging from miniature train rides and trout-stocked ponds to petting zoos and pumpkin patches.

How do I get to Apple Hill?

How to Get There. Apple Hill is an easy hour-long drive east of Sacramento. Head out of Sacramento on eastbound US-50 toward Lake Tahoe. As you pass Placerville, you’ll start to see several Apple Hill exit signs: the Schnell School Exit 48, Carson Road Exit, Camino Exit, Cedar Grove Exit 54, and Pollock Pines Exit 57.

Is Apple Hill open on Halloween?

Open 8am to 5pm Every Day Until Halloween! The Family Friendly Apple Hill Pumpkin Patch is Filled with Countless Farm Grown Pumpkins! Enjoy a Fun Day in Apple Hill at the Pumpkin Patch and Snap Pictures with the Famous Boa Vista Family Cut-Outs!

Is there snow in Apple Hill?

Every branch, every vine covered in winter beauty! Snow falls at most of our Apple Hill Grower farms once or twice a season but this February brought the most we’ve seen in years. It is quite a sight to see some of our favorite farms covered in a blanket of white.

What is there to do in Apple Hill in June?

Your Guide to the Most Fun Things to Do at Apple Hill

  1. Pick Up Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Baked Goods. With cooler temperatures and plenty of activities, fall is one of the best times to visit Apple Hill Growers.
  2. Tour Vineyards and Wineries.
  3. Attend Unique Events.
  4. Grab a Bite to Eat Nearby.
  5. Enjoy Fun For the Whole Family.

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