Quick Answer: What County Is Rio Vista Tx On?

Is Rio Vista TX a good place to live?

Rio Vista is a great place to live. I’ve grown up here and now am raising my son here as well. Very family oriented, full of friendly people and just small enough that you are actually able to know your neighbors. Rio Vista is a very small town, which gives it a homey feel.

When was Rio Vista Texas founded?

Rio Vista, Texas. Located in an area of Johnson County’s earliest settlement, Rio Vista was founded on the railroad in 1885.

How do you pronounce Rio Vista?

David Finfrock has spoken: It’s pronounced Ree-o Vista, although the old timers call it Reye-o Vista.

Is Rio Vista Texas Safe?

Compare Rio Vista, TX Crime Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.

What is the zip code for Rio Vista Texas?

Rio Vista is a city located in the eastern end of Solano County, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the Sacramento River, in the Sacramento River Delta region.

Has Rio Vista CA ever flooded?

RIO VISTA — As a high schooler, Kim Harrison remembers flood water up to the top of her grandparent’s Edgewater Drive garage in 1986. People were getting around the neighborhood, which is behind City Hall, in canoes. “Floods in the 1980s did a lot of damage to both those regions.”

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What is the elevation of Rio Vista?

6 m

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