Often asked: What Is The Taxing District Number For 3630 Buena Vista Dr. Hubbard, Ohio 44425 Trumbull County?

What is Plain Local School District Number?

Phone: (330)492-3500. Type: Local school district.

What is Centerville Ohio school district number?

Phone: (937)433-8841.

What is my school district of residence?

District of residence means the school district in which a student resides. District of residence means any reorganized school district in which the Parent of a student resides (lives). District of residence means a school district in which the parent or guardian of a student resides.

Does Plain Local have school?

Plain Local is a very diverse, and inclusive school district. It has many opportunities for students to achieve multiple academic goals, including chances for college credit, and career tech.

Do I have to pay Ohio school district tax?

Ohio residents who lived/resided within a school district with an income tax in effect for all or part of the taxable year are subject to Ohio’s school district income tax. Some school districts do not have an income tax in effect.

Does Centerville Ohio have a school district tax?

Most of Centerville schools’ funding comes from local tax levies. The district’s state revenue per pupil, according to ODE’s District Profile Reports, is $2,895, placing it in the bottom 5 percent of the state.

What is an earned income school district in Ohio?

Earned Income Tax Base School districts are permitted to levy the tax, subject to voter approval, on an alternate tax base that includes only wages, salaries, and other compensation and net earnings from self- employment (including income from partnerships), to the extent the income is included in modified adjusted

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What is NCES school ID?

NCES School ID This number can be used to link the school to the district on the school district address file. The first 7 digits of the 12 digit school ID are the district ID, the last five are the school ID, put together, they make a 12 digit unique code for each school.

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