Often asked: What County Is Redfield Vista Arkansas In?

What county is Redfield AR in?

What is the county seat of Jefferson County AR?

Pine Bluff is the County Seat. Pine Bluff is the state’s fourth largest city where a number of historically important homes can be found. There are three museums, The Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, the Arkansas Railroad Museum and the Pine Bluff-Jefferson County Museum.

What county is Pine Bluff Arkansas?

Jefferson County was established by the Territorial Legislature, Nov. 2, 1829 and began functioning as a county April 19, 1830. At the August 13, 1832 county election, the pine bluff was chosen as the county seat.

What is the zip code for Redfield Arkansas?

Zip code 72132 is primarily located in Jefferson County. Portions of 72132 are also located in Grant County. The official US Postal Service name for 72132 is REDFIELD, Arkansas.

Is Pine Bluff Arkansas in the Delta?

The Arkansas Delta is one of the six natural regions of the state of Arkansas. The region’s lower western border follows the Arkansas River just outside Little Rock down through Pine Bluff.

How bad is Pine Bluff Arkansas?

With a crime rate of 73 per one thousand residents, Pine Bluff has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities.

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Is Pine Bluff Arkansas a good place to live?

It could be much safer but for the most part, it is a good community with some goods schools. To some people Pine Bluff, AR is the worst place to live. True, there isn’t much for the youth to do, but with the new businesses and downtown prospering, I think Pine Bluff will be striving in due time!

Why is Pine Bluff Arkansas losing population?

While some of the declines were through natural changes (births minus deaths), the majority were due to net migration, as many more residents packed up their belongings and moved away than moved to the area.

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