Question: K1 Speed Carlsbad When Opened?

Is K1 Speed inside?

K1 Speed provides an unrivaled premium indoor go-kart racing experience. The original K1 Speed location opened in Southern California in 2003, with the goal of creating an upscale racing experience that is safe, authentic and accessible to the masses in a state-of-the-art entertainment venue.

Do K1 Speed races expire?

Membership is required to race (additional fee paid at location, if applicable). Online races expire after 30 days except where prohibited by law. All online sales are final except where prohibited. Any refunds will be in the form of a K1 Speed Gift Card.

Do you have to wear a mask at K1 Speed?

Face Masks Required Both our staff and our customers are required to wear face masks at all time during operation. Gloves are also available for customers upon request.

Does K1 Speed refund?

Who do I contact regarding refunds at K1 Speed? Email your refund request to [email protected] and someone will get back in touch with you.

Is K1 Speed worth?

Although a bit pricey (family of 4 $180 for 3 races), it’s well worth the price! Best go karts I’ve experienced and I love the fact that there is ZERO exhaust fumes and it’s all indoors, so weather is no a factor. A must try if you’re in the mood for a REAL racing experience.

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Who created K1 Speed?

David Danglard is the founder and CEO of K1 Speed. K1 Speed opened its first U.S. franchise in July in Bend, Oregon. International franchises started in 2016 to address the demand for indoor kart racing. International expansion includes locations in France, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, China and Puerto Rico.

Who is the CEO of K1 Speed?

K1 Speed, Inc., a Irvine, California-based large operator of indoor go-kart racing tracks. Founded in 2003 and led by CEO David Danglard, the company already operates kart racing centers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Seattle, the Inland Empire, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix.

Is K1 Speed dangerous?

Well, don’t worry. At K1 Speed, go kart racing is safer than almost every other go karting establishment out there. Since our karts are much faster than what you’d find at a family fun center, we take every precaution we can to minimize risk of injury.

Can you drift at K1 Speed?

It’s time to channel your inner Drift King because things are about to get sideways at K1 Speed – introducing Drift Night! Our karts will be modified with drift slicks that converts them into a drift-kart and sends those rear wheels slipping and sliding all over the place. No prior drifting experience is required.

How much does it cost to race at K1?

You only pay for each event they race in. And what’s the cost? It’s just $40 per child, per event to compete in K1 Speed’s Junior League.

How long does a K1 Speed Race last?

These races typically last between 7-10 minutes and are an open time-trial session where you compete for fastest lap rather than position on track.

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What brand of go karts does K1 Speed use?

Family fun centers typically use gas-powered oversized go karts that are slow, clumsy, and horrible for people and the environment. K1 Speed uses all-electric go karts imported from Italy. These electric karts produce zero emissions so you can breathe easy and not reek of exhaust when you leave.

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