Often asked: How Far From Carlsbad Co To White Sands?

Is White Sands worth visiting?

White Sands National Monument is an extremely beautiful place and definitely worth the stop if you find yourself in that part of the United States. The white sand dunes are like nothing I’ve ever seen before, comprised predominantly of the mineral called gypsum.

How much time do you need at White Sands?

2 hours in the dunes and one in the visitor center. You can watch a free small 10-15 min video in the visitor center. Bring plenty of water. over a year ago.

What is the best time to visit White Sands National Monument?

Probably the best time to visit is late October / early November when the Cottonwoods are changing color. By mid November most of the Cottonwoods have changed color.

What city is closest to White Sands National Monument?

White Sands National Monument is located just 13 miles outside of the small town of Alamogordo and 50 miles from the city of Las Cruces.

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Where should I stay when visiting White Sands?

In short, Alamogordo is the best place to stay near White Sands National Park. No other place to stay near White Sands is located as close as Alamogordo. But if you want more White Sands lodging options Las Cruces is another good alternative for where to stay when visiting.

Is White Sands dangerous?

β€œ It’s beautiful but also deceptively dangerous,” he says. β€œIt is home to extreme temperatures and venomous insects and reptiles. The park’s mesmerizing beauty can also be disorienting.” Summerlin, who has worked at White Sands for five years, has a few simple rules for being safe while having fun.

How much are sleds at White Sands?

The sleds are 16.99 each and you get a five dollar refund if you bring it back. They do have used sleds for ten but they are rarely available. This is so much fun for kids.

Do you have to pay to get into White Sands?

White Sands has charged an entrance fee since 1937 and the current rate of $5 per person has been in effect since 2016. 1, 2019, the complete fee schedule at White Sands will change according to the following: $20 per vehicle, $10 per person, $15 per motorcycle and $40 for Park Specific Annual Pass.

What do you wear to White Sands?

The gypsum sand is very fine and will get into every nook and cranny of your tennis shoes or hiking shoes. So unless you plan on walking several miles or really need the ankle support, I recommend wearing hiking sandals or even going barefoot at White Sands National Park.

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Can you drive through white sands?

The road is suitable for cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and buses. From time to time, White Sands Missile Range performs missile tests that may close Highway 70 to traffic. Depending on the nature of the testing, Dunes Drive may also be closed during missile tests for visitor safety.

What shoes should I wear to White Sands?

If you are on the sand, you will have to be barefooted to climb up the dunes. On the roads, you can wear sandals or any kind of walking shoe. The sand is not really sand, it is gypsum. It is very soft and cool to,the touch.

Can you visit White Sands Missile Range?

Find White Sands Missile Range Museum about 26 miles (42 kilometers) from the center of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The museum is open year-round, excluding Sundays and holidays. The missile park is open every day, from sunrise to sunset. Both the museum and missile park are free to enter.

How far is Alamogordo from White Sands?

The distance between Alamogordo and White Sands is 47 miles. The road distance is 50.5 miles. How do I travel from Alamogordo to White Sands without a car?

Can you stay at White Sands National Park?

White Sands doesn’t offer hotel accommodations or RV/car camping within the monument; however, we do offer primitive backcountry camping in the heart of the dunes. You’ll also find many public and private campgrounds and RV parks within one hour’s drive of the park.

Where do you fly into for White Sands National Park?

The nearest airport to White Sands National Park is El Paso (ELP) Airport which is 69.4 miles away. Other nearby airports include Ciudad Juarez (CJS) (81 miles) and Roswell (ROW) (102.9 miles).

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