FAQ: Where Can I Buy A Compass Card In Carlsbad?

Can I buy Compass card at Shoppers Drug Mart?

Compass Cards are also available for sale at fare dealers located throughout the city which include the following stores: Safeway, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Mac’s Convenience, 7-Eleven and many other independent convenience stores. You may load your Compass Card with a Day Pass or with stored value.

How do I get a MTS day pass?

Passengers can purchase an empty $2 Compass Card at any Albertsons store or at the MTS Transit Store, located at First and Broadway in downtown San Diego. These cards can be loaded with Day Passes on bus fare boxes for just $5.

What is the Orange Compass card?

The orange Concession Compass Card can be loaded with a discounted monthly pass covering 3 zones, day passes, and/ or with stored value for pay as you go. People who qualify for discounted fares include children 5 to 13 years old, secondary students 14 to 19 with a valid GoCard, seniors 65+, and HandyCard holders.

How much does the Vancouver bus cost?

Fares are as follows: One Zone: $3.05 Adults / $2.45 Compass Card / $2.00 Concession. Two Zone: $4.35 Adults / $3.35 Compass Card / $3.00 Concession. Three Zone: $5.90 Adults / $4.60 Compass Card / $4.05 Concession.

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Do compass cards expire?

DayPasses on Generic Compass Cards will become valid on the service day they are first used and, once they have been used for a Tap In, will expire at the end of service on that day.

How does the MTS Compass Card work?

MTS Trolley, NCTD SPRINTER and COASTER: Day Passes must be purchased at ticket machines. Before tapping, follow the prompts to load a Day Pass on the machine and then pay with Compass Cash. After pass is loaded, tap card on validator to activate pass for your trip.

How long is a Compass Card good for?

Compass gives you up to 90 minutes of travel across buses, SkyTrain service and the Seabus on a Stored Value fare. (On WCE fares you’ll receive 120 minutes). Simply tap in and out on each mode when you transfer.

Can I buy Compass Card at London Drugs?

Compass Cards can be purchased and reloaded at the listed London Drugs locations. We have Compass Card machines in 18 of our London Drugs stores throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

What is blue Compass Card?

Compass Cards are convenient, reloadable fare cards that can be used when taking transit within Metro Vancouver. Compass Cards can be loaded with Stored Value, or with prepaid passes (such as Monthly and DayPasses).

Can I use Compass Card in Victoria?

Using a Compass card, it’s $3.35. Add ferry fare of $17.20 (a little less if fuel rebate is in effect, a little more if there’s a fuel surcharge). In summary, you’ll save the most money on public transit if you use a prepaid ticket on the Victoria side and a Compass fare card on the Vancouver side.

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Can I use my Compass Card on my phone?

Our Compass Card app The Compass Card app is available for iPhones or Android smartphones. All you have to do is search ‘compass card’ in the App Store or in Google Play.

Can I tap my debit card on the bus Vancouver?

TransLink says customers will have to use cash at a Compass Vending Machine to load Stored Value or purchase a single fare. They will not be able to use a credit card or debit card at Compass Card vending machines or Tap to Pay fare gates.

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