...and have fun doing it.
Sponsoring ArtBeat on Main Street provides you the unique opportunity to connect with Vista and the surrounding North San Diego County communities. You can build brand awareness and show your company’s support of an important and vital component of our growing community’s demographics: the arts!

Feel good about supporting the arts! Associate your name with art.

Support our local artists and receive recognition when you sponsor a month-long exhibit at the gallery. Receive long-term recognition by sponsoring our wine room, boutique or individual artist studios.

Sponsor our gallery as a whole. Sponsor Vista’s only webcam and your company will reach a national and international audience.

With each unique sponsorship, your company logo and name will be attached to all of our media and social outlets.

Unique sponsorships offer a variety of benefits, such as free tickets to live events: our monthly comedy nights, musical events and our Palate to Palette, paint and wine events, as well as the opportunity to hold private functions such as team building and social events at discounted prices, surrounded by beautiful art and inspiring surroundings.

Yes, you can make a difference! Help keep ArtBeat’s heart beating. Your community’s destination for all things art.